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Mass Deportations: The Only Solution to Save America’s Future

The Senate’s recently introduced border bill has become another illustration of the problematic and unserious leadership in the country, according to a conservative perspective. While President Biden and Democrats point fingers at Republicans for the bill’s failure, critics argue that the Democratic Party is orchestrating a plan to fundamentally alter America’s demographics, aiming for a coalition of new voters that they believe will ensure long-term dominance. The surge in illegal aliens under the Biden administration has heightened concerns, with estimates now surpassing 30 million, a population larger than most states.

Critics assert that Democrats, despite claiming that illegal aliens cannot vote, have consistently pursued amnesty, creating a pathway for potential future voters. Moreover, children born to illegal aliens in the U.S. can legally vote when they turn 18. Given the narrow margins in some key states, even a small percentage of the illegal alien population voting could sway elections. The conservative perspective contends that Democrats are strategically accepting short-term backlash from open borders in exchange for a long-term political advantage.

Illegal immigration is described as wreaking havoc on various aspects of society, including hospitals, schools, housing, public lands, and budgets. In response to this, New York City is introducing a program using taxpayer money to fund prepaid credit cards worth $53 million for illegal aliens. Critics argue that such initiatives are designed to acclimate illegal aliens and their children to government handouts, ensuring future support for politicians who promise continued benefits.

The conservative viewpoint also raises concerns about the rise in crime associated with mass migration, exemplified by a recent assault on New York City police officers by a mob of illegal aliens. The response from political leaders, including Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul, is seen as inadequate and emblematic of a growing lawlessness. The argument concludes by asserting the urgent need for the next president to prioritize the deportation of illegal aliens, particularly those involved in criminal activities, and to implement measures such as a southern border wall and the overhaul of the asylum system. The overall message emphasizes the importance of enforcing border security to preserve the nation’s integrity and prevent irreversible damage.

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