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Explosive Revelation: Biden’s Secret Burner Phone Exposed

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute shed light on an alleged secret global cell phone that Hunter Biden supposedly provided to Joe Biden during his time as vice president. Schweizer explained that this phone was separate from both the government-issued phone and Joe Biden’s personal phone. Documents obtained from the Hunter Biden laptop revealed that Hunter’s business had paid for a private phone line for Joe Biden, costing $300 per month, allowing communication anywhere in the world. Schweizer urged the House Oversight Committee to subpoena these records, as they could provide insights into the extent of communication between Hunter Biden’s business partners and Joe Biden.

Adding another layer to the story, investigative journalist John Solomon shared his own experience with leaked documents from the Hunter Biden laptop in 2019. Among the documents was a cell phone number that Hunter Biden was paying for, and Solomon took the opportunity to call it. To his surprise, Joe Biden answered the call instead of Hunter. Solomon recounted the brief conversation, during which he asked if he was speaking to the vice president. Joe Biden quickly ended the call, stating he couldn’t talk at that moment.

The revelation of Joe Biden using a burner global cell phone raises legitimate questions. Why would the vice president need such a secretive means of communication? The House Oversight Committee has a responsibility to delve into this matter and uncover the truth. The existence of this separate phone line, paid for by Hunter Biden’s business, suggests a level of communication between Hunter and Joe Biden that goes beyond what is publicly known. It is crucial for transparency and accountability that these records are subpoenaed and thoroughly investigated.

The use of a private cell phone by Joe Biden while he was vice president opens the door to concerns about potential conflicts of interest and undisclosed communications. If the allegations surrounding recorded conversations with a Burisma executive using this phone number hold true, it raises even more questions about the relationship between Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings. This revelation adds to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Biden family’s business activities and reinforces the need for a thorough examination to ensure that there were no improper or unethical actions.

As the House Oversight Committee delves into these records and investigates the extent of communication between Joe Biden and Hunter’s business associates, it is essential for the public to receive clear answers. Transparency and accountability are crucial in order to address any potential improprieties and restore trust in the highest levels of government. The American people deserve to know the truth about the communication channels used by the Biden family during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president.

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