Gov. Kemp Shocks Conservatives by Standing with Fulton DA

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has defended Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and rejected calls from fellow Republicans, including State Senator Colton Moore, to impeach her over the indictment of former President Donald Trump and 18 others. Kemp referred to these calls for impeachment as “political theater” during a press conference.

Senator Colton Moore had called for an emergency session to investigate Willis, accusing her of politically targeting her opponents. This move gained support from Trump, who commended Moore’s efforts to combat what he sees as radical left prosecutors misusing their positions.

Governor Kemp, however, dismissed these calls for an investigation, citing concerns about how it would interfere with the legal proceedings and the rule of law. He expressed reservations about the handling of the case and its timing, which coincided with an election, potentially sowing distrust and being viewed as politically motivated.

Kemp emphasized the importance of adhering to Georgia’s legal framework and constitution, regardless of political affiliations. He pointed out that there are established legal steps to address concerns about prosecutors engaging in unethical or illegal behavior, but he had not seen any evidence to warrant action against DA Willis at this point.

Senator Moore responded to Kemp’s statements, urging the governor to review the Georgia Constitution, particularly Section 2, paragraph 7, which he believes gives Kemp the authority to call an emergency session. Moore accused Kemp of letting personal feelings toward President Trump influence his judgment and called on him to stand with the people of Georgia by convening the emergency session demanded by constituents.

The dispute highlights the tensions within the Republican Party in Georgia and across the country regarding the prosecution of former President Trump and the role of district attorneys in such cases.

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