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Shocking: Tucker Carlson’s Hidden Agenda Revealed About Trump

Tucker Carlson’s recent assessment of former President Donald Trump’s decision not to participate in a Republican primary debate has raised eyebrows, particularly within conservative circles.

During an interview with Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, Portnoy expressed his belief that Trump should have taken part in the debate with fellow Republican primary candidates. Tucker appeared to agree with this sentiment, stating, “I like the debates, personally.” However, he went on to criticize the news companies that host the debates, labeling them as “rotten and corrupt.”

Critics have pointed out the apparent contradiction in Tucker’s position. While he suggested that Trump should have participated in the debate, he simultaneously aired a much-publicized interview with Trump at the same time as the Milwaukee debate. This move was seen as undermining the debate by providing Trump with a platform to express himself without facing challenges from fellow candidates.

Furthermore, during the interview with Portnoy, both Tucker and Portnoy expressed concerns about the age of both Trump and President Joe Biden. They agreed that both men are too old to hold the office of the presidency. This assessment, particularly regarding Trump, has been met with skepticism, as Trump is only a few years younger than Biden. Critics argue that the differences in physical and mental condition between the two men are substantial, with Biden facing concerns about his health and cognitive abilities.

The interview with Trump was criticized by some as a softball interview, with accusations of it being propaganda. This departure from Tucker Carlson’s usual reputation for tough and challenging interviews has disappointed some conservatives who expected a more rigorous discussion of key issues.

Overall, Tucker Carlson’s recent comments and his handling of the Trump interview have generated debate and criticism within conservative circles, particularly in regards to his stance on Trump’s participation in the primary debate and his assessment of age-related concerns.

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