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Growing Chorus Urges Biden: Step Down from Presidency!

In recent days, a disconcerting wave of criticism toward President Joe Biden from notable media outlets, including The Hill and NBC, has intensified. For Democrats, the simultaneous disapproval from these sources might be signaling that it’s time for a major reassessment. Despite Biden’s persistence in retaining power, the media’s collective chorus urging him to step aside appears to be growing louder.

The Hill’s recent report highlighted Biden’s abysmal approval ratings, underscoring that his year-end approval rating is notably worse than any modern-day president seeking reelection at this juncture in their campaign cycle. Even President Trump, during a comparable period before COVID-19 hit, held a better rating at 45%, surpassing Barack Obama and other presidents preceding Biden, whose approval ratings were above 50%.

While The Hill acknowledged a slight upturn in public confidence regarding the economy, lingering concerns about foreign policy and national security persist. Adding to these apprehensions, NBC released a report detailing the administration’s mishandling of a Chinese spy balloon incident in early 2023. The report alleged that Biden was aware of the balloon’s presence before it entered U.S. airspace and the administration aimed to conceal its existence.

NBC’s revelation indicated that the administration’s intention was to silently observe the balloon, with plans to withhold information from the public until General Glen VanHerck informed General Mark Milley about it. Subsequent military investigation of the balloon revealed antennas capable of signal intelligence collection, confirming it as a Chinese spy balloon steered remotely from China. The report, however, attempts to downplay the national security risks while emphasizing the lack of improved technology for detecting such threats before they breach U.S. airspace.

Moreover, the report highlighted the strained U.S.-China relations following the incident, underscoring Biden’s failure to address it during his meeting with Xi Jinping in San Francisco. Allegedly, Jinping explicitly conveyed China’s intent to reunify with Taiwan, potentially escalating tensions in the Pacific region.

This series of negative narratives about Biden’s administration during an election year is highly unusual. The mounting concerns, coupled with potential issues of corruption within the Biden family yet to surface, foreshadow the likelihood that a pivotal conversation with the Biden camp might be necessary to evaluate the path forward.

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