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Shady Cuomo Eyes Sneaky Political Comeback in NYC

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly contemplating a potential run for mayor of New York City if incumbent Mayor Eric Adams decides to step down from his position. According to reports from Page Six, Cuomo has been discreetly conducting polls to assess the feasibility of his candidacy and is purportedly inclined towards joining the race.

While a representative for Cuomo mentioned that the former governor supports the current mayor and deemed the situation as nothing novel, Cuomo himself, when queried about a potential mayoral run, asserted that the city needs Mayor Adams to focus on his responsibilities. Nevertheless, he acknowledged being flattered by the suggestion.

A recent hypothetical poll conducted by Slingshot, involving 600 registered voters, indicated that Cuomo would secure 22 percent of the vote in a hypothetical election. However, the poll highlighted that 35 percent of respondents remained undecided among the twelve candidates presented. Reacting to this poll, Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy denounced it as misleading, discrediting the pollster’s accuracy by referencing their misjudgment in the 2021 mayoral race. Levy further defended Mayor Adams’ performance, attributing decreased crime rates and improved job prospects to Adams’ administration, dismissing attempts to discredit the city’s second Black mayor for political motives.

Meanwhile, Mayor Adams’ mayoral campaign has come under scrutiny with the FBI investigating alleged campaign finance violations. The investigation alleges that Adams’ 2021 campaign collaborated with the Turkish government and others to receive illicit foreign campaign donations. Adams has continuously asserted that his campaign upheld the highest ethical standards.

Cuomo’s resignation from the governorship in August 2021 amid allegations of sexual misconduct has been a defining aspect of his recent history. Although he refuted the accusations, he opted to step down, stating that he didn’t want to waste government resources on the matter. His departure led Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul to assume office and subsequently secure reelection. Notably, Cuomo has since been fully exonerated from the sexual harassment allegations that prompted his resignation.

The potential prospect of Cuomo’s candidacy for mayor, should Adams step down, adds an intriguing dynamic to the city’s political landscape, considering Cuomo’s past controversies and Adams’ ongoing scrutiny.

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