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Joe Biden’s Disturbing Decline: Textbook Case of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is occurring right before our eyes, with President Joe Biden as the unfortunate victim. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that approximately one in ten people aged 60 and older living at home experiences abuse, including mistreatment and exploitation. In this case, the abuse is happening at the highest office in the land, and it involves the exploitation of a leader with visibly diminished mental capacity.

Instead of protecting her husband and cherishing their remaining years together, “Dr. Jill” Biden should be shielding him from the pressures of running for office again. She should remind those clamoring for his candidacy of his two brain aneurysms and the evidence of cognitive decline seen in his wandering, nonsensical comments. President Biden’s family should prioritize his well-being and refuse to allow him to run, asserting that the American people deserve more, as does he.

However, other members of the Biden family seem to have benefited from this elder abuse. Hunter Biden remains closely associated with his father, even though his presence continues to be a liability for the president and the Democratic Party. Despite mounting controversies, Hunter is frequently seen beside his father and visited Camp David with him multiple times during the summer.

Furthermore, Disney’s focus on identity politics and sexual themes has not only tarnished its own brand but has also negatively impacted the beloved brands it acquired, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, and Pixar. Many fans feel that these cherished franchises have been mismanaged and diluted by Disney’s new direction.

In the eyes of many, Disney’s transformation from a storyteller to a platform for indoctrination and grooming has been detrimental to its legacy and appeal.

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