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Joe Biden’s Impeachment: The Slow Dance Continues?

Amidst the brewing impeachment fervor, it’s worth recalling a time when impeachment proceedings against a U.S. President were a rare occurrence—a period many view with nostalgia. Today’s political landscape is far from that era of rarity and tranquility.

While some dismiss calls for an impeachment inquiry into the current Oval Office occupant as mere tit for tat, it’s essential to note that the Democrats orchestrated two sham impeachment charades against Donald Trump. Even considering the possibility of tit for tat, the grievances against Joe Biden and his family far exceed those flimsy charges used against Trump.

The Biden family’s track record reeks of sleaze, warranting serious inquiry into their activities. The House Oversight Committee, under GOP leadership, has begun uncovering substantial information, perhaps just the tip of the iceberg regarding the Biden Crime Family.

The progression toward a formal inquiry carries significant weight, particularly in strengthening subpoenas and compelling testimony or document production—instances where Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has exhibited resistance. However, Democrats are frantically attempting to halt this inquiry, showcasing their unease with the potential enhanced powers granted by a formalized impeachment inquiry.

Despite relentless denials from Democrats and their media allies about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s questionable dealings, their fervent efforts hint at a different narrative—one that suggests they suspect something substantial lurks beneath the surface. Contrary to media spin, there exists ample justification for initiating this inquiry.

The notion that Hunter Biden amassed substantial wealth solely on his own merits strains credulity. His fortunes seem to have been built on leveraging the Biden name, a name of considerable significance that, surprisingly, did not pique the interest of major financial players—save for the occasional fringe interests. The lack of curiosity from mainstream media contrasts sharply with the growing interest from others about the potential implications of these revelations.

While House Republicans need to navigate the impeachment proceedings without derailing their majority, unity is paramount. Focus is crucial to prevent squabbles from overshadowing the inquiry’s potential traction. The prospect of accountability for the Biden family’s actions, a notion once seemingly implausible, has now gained a sliver of plausibility. Yet, a thorough public examination of Joe Biden’s role in his son’s enrichment remains a necessary component in an election year.

The allure of tit for tat adds an intriguing dimension to this unfolding saga, signaling potential accountability and scrutiny for actions that have long evaded the spotlight.

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