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Media Hides Truth: “Supposed” COVID Rise Exposed by Jesse Watters

Amidst a backdrop of media-driven concerns over a potential resurgence of COVID cases and the reintroduction of mask mandates, Jesse Watters of Fox News aimed to provide a conservative perspective by uncovering the true dynamics driving the reported numbers.

Addressing the situation, Watters observed how President Biden had previously declared the pandemic over, yet media outlets appear to be seeking a “comeback tour” for COVID. He juxtaposed this sentiment with a clip from NBC News that emphasized the rising case counts.

Watters went on to dissect the NBC News report, arguing that the media is failing to acknowledge the actual factors behind the minor increase in cases. He pointed to the cyclical and geographical patterns that characterize the spread of the virus, highlighting the annual three waves of infections across different regions of the country.

Highlighting the latest data, Watters underscored the significant decline in deaths and hospitalizations compared to the previous year. He humorously contrasted the current hospitalizations due to COVID with those resulting from accidents like falls, illustrating that more individuals are hospitalized for non-COVID-related incidents.

Drawing attention to recent mask mandates at Morris Brown College and a Hollywood studio, Watters critiqued the implementation of strict measures despite the absence of reported COVID cases. With a touch of humor, he quipped that in certain areas, the likelihood of encountering a bullet might be higher than that of encountering a deadly strain of COVID.

Switching gears, Watters scrutinized the mention of a “highly mutated strain of COVID” in CBS’s “Face the Nation.” He highlighted that the expert interviewed, Scott Gottlieb, is affiliated with Pfizer, a company potentially invested in promoting the forthcoming booster shots. He raised concerns about whether the recent focus on mutant variants is genuinely aimed at public health or if there are financial motivations at play.

In his concluding remarks, Watters posed the question of whether the emphasis on new variants is driven more by corporate interests than by the welfare of the public. This viewpoint offers a conservative lens through which to interpret the media’s coverage of the COVID situation.

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