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Woke Hiring: A Deadly Threat Beyond American Competence? Shocking!

The aftermath of the devastating fires that swept through Maui and decimated Lahaina reveals a distressing pattern of government incompetence contributing to the tragedy. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the implementation of precautionary measures to address the island’s high fire risks had been insufficient, amplifying the disaster. Initially, fire crews responded to the blaze, declaring it “100% contained,” only for it to later reignite. The area’s siren alert system fell silent, leaving residents without critical warnings. Amid power and cell service outages, glitchy messages on cell phones attempted to convey alerts, though many individuals never received them. Moreover, road closures impeded escape efforts, leaving some residents trapped in their vehicles as the fire raged.

The Honolulu Civil Beat exposed a troubling revelation that the Department of Land and Natural Resources had delayed releasing water requested by landowners to safeguard their properties from the fires. M. Kaleo Manuel, the agency’s deputy director for water resource management, reportedly resisted a desperate plea for water from a Maui property management company. The delay persisted for over five hours, contributing to the crisis.

These instances of apparent ineptitude reflect a broader pattern seen across various sectors where woke ideologies and hiring practices supersede competence and mission alignment. The Federal Aviation Administration’s practice of expediting air traffic controller hiring for individuals with severe disabilities raises concerns about flight safety. Airlines like United and American openly prioritizing race and sex in hiring practices have correlated with a concerning increase in near-collisions and narrowly averted disasters in aviation.

Woke policies infiltrating medicine further jeopardize patient care. Affirmative action policies in medical school admissions have persisted despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on their unconstitutionality, potentially undermining the qualifications of future doctors. Prioritizing superficial qualities over competence leads to harmful consequences, such as denying organ transplants to individuals who declined the Covid vaccine or withholding cancer treatment from those who disagree with certain ideologies.

These patterns of compromised competence extend beyond healthcare and aviation. Ideology-driven appointments have infiltrated government agencies, with examples such as Sam Brinton and Pete Buttigieg in leadership positions. The consequence of such decisions is a higher level of risk for the public. As the capabilities and suitability of individuals in critical roles are eroded by ideological motivations, the lives of those they serve become increasingly imperiled. The tragic events in Maui underscore the urgency of addressing these detrimental practices before more lives are needlessly compromised.

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