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Psaki’s Unbelievable Claim: No One Supports Abortion Up Until Birth

Former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s claim that “no one supports abortion up until birth” is categorically false. While Psaki attempts to downplay the extent of abortion support within the Democratic Party, the reality is quite different. Democrats have demonstrated a willingness to back abortion access without restrictions, leading to an alarming degree of extremism.

Contrary to Psaki’s assertion, several Democrat-led states have embraced a no-limits approach to abortion. States like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., have instituted policies that allow for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, with no restrictions in place. It’s noteworthy that Psaki worked in the heart of this environment during her time in the Biden administration.

Moreover, other Democrat-controlled states like California, New York, and Illinois may claim to have some limitations by referencing “viability,” but they still allow late-term abortions under vague circumstances such as “mental health” concerns. These ambiguous exceptions reveal the willingness of Democrats to prioritize unfettered abortion access over any meaningful safeguards for unborn lives.

On the federal level, Democrats have demonstrated their support for the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” a piece of proposed legislation that seeks to undermine states’ rights to enact pro-life laws. This act would effectively strip states of their ability to enact restrictions on abortion and open the door for abortions to be performed throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Jen Psaki’s attempt to whitewash the Democratic stance on abortion is a clear example of how the party is shifting toward a more radical and unrestricted approach to abortion access. The evidence from states’ policies and proposed legislation highlights a concerning trend where the sanctity of unborn life is overshadowed by extreme ideological priorities.

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