New Info Drops in Raphael Warnock Eviction Scandal

During the debate last week, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) denied that his church, the Ebenezer Baptist Church, had been evicting people from a building owned by the Church for which he works, while at the same time that same Church is paying him a $7417-a-month housing allowance. Herschel Walker nailed him on that and offered to pay the rent of the people that were being evicted.

Warnock subsequently tried to clarify, claiming there had been “no evictions.”

First, that wouldn’t change the fact that they were trying to evict the people for tiny sums in the middle of the pandemic. Imagine thinking that changes the nature of what is going on here or the hypocrisy of the scandal after he went after Republican candidates for not supporting a rent moratorium. Read more…

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