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Shocking Poll: Majority Want Biden Removed Amid Bribery Allegations

The Hunter Biden laptop controversy has sparked extensive speculation, culminating in the release of the FBI’s FD-1023 report, which alleges that both Joe and Hunter Biden were paid $5 million each by Burisma Holdings. The report claims that this payment was made after purportedly coercing Burisma into the transaction, offering access and legal protection in return. These payments took place in 2015-16 when Joe Biden was overseeing Ukrainian civic reforms. Supporting evidence includes a ledger of the amounts and audio recordings of phone calls. The initial reports on these allegations surfaced in 2018 from the FBI’s confidential human source.

These allegations are just one aspect of the issues linked to Hunter Biden’s laptop. The laptop also revealed a series of alleged shell companies established to funnel money from access-related deals. Over 170 suspicious activity reports from six banks have been filed regarding the Biden family’s financial transactions. As the investigation into Biden’s alleged corruption widens, the question arises: What should be done if these allegations are proven true? A recent I&I/TIPP Poll indicates that a significant majority of Americans, including Democrats, believe that Biden should leave office.

The poll, conducted online with 1,341 adults from July 5-7 and a margin of error of +/-2.7 percentage points, shows that 63% of respondents believe President Biden should either be impeached (33%) or immediately resign (30%) if the allegations are proven true. Only 20% think Biden should remain in office and run for re-election in 2024, with 17% expressing uncertainty.

Even within his own party, Biden may find it challenging to secure a second term. A plurality of Democrats (45%) believe he should leave office either by impeachment (19%) or resignation (26%) if the allegations are substantiated. Amid Biden’s low approval ratings and increasing concerns over inflation, his re-election prospects appear tenuous. The question of his seriousness about seeking a second term arises, particularly considering his physical and mental limitations. Despite potential legal issues surrounding Trump, the emerging Biden bribery scandal could have significant electoral consequences, potentially favoring Trump’s chances of victory.

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