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MSNBC’s Genius Solution: Dust Off Masks for COVID Surge

Former Obama administration official and MSNBC medical contributor, Dr. Kavita Patel, expressed her concerns about the rising COVID-19 cases and advocated for the use of masks during an appearance on MSNBC’s “José Díaz-Balart Reports.” The discussion focused on the recent increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations and the noticeable uptick in people testing positive for the virus.

Dr. Patel, drawing on her experience as a medical professional, shared her observations on the current situation. She acknowledged that while COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen by 12% from the previous week, the increase is not as dramatic as in previous years. This, she attributed to a significant portion of the population having been infected and vaccinated against the virus.

Highlighting the importance of remaining cautious, especially in crowded spaces, Dr. Patel advised the use of masks as a preventive measure. She recalled the practice of keeping masks in pockets, coats, and backpacks and suggested that it might be time to bring them out again, especially as the school season begins. Dr. Patel emphasized that even individuals who show no symptoms could unknowingly spread the virus, making masks a valuable tool in preventing its transmission.

The conversation underscored the ongoing need for vigilance and responsible actions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Dr. Patel’s recommendations aligned with a conservative perspective that prioritizes individual responsibility and proactive measures to protect public health, while also taking into account the available data on infection rates and vaccination coverage.

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