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Soros Floods Texas with Cash! Dems Fear Losing Ground

The influx of major funding from left-wing billionaire George Soros aimed at turning Texas blue in the 2024 elections has raised concerns among Republicans, signaling Democrats’ apprehension about the GOP’s momentum in the state. Mayra Flores, a Republican candidate and former Representative seeking to unseat Democrat Vicente Gonzalez, highlighted Soros’s significant contributions to the Democratic Party Executive Committee in Cameron County, part of Texas’s 34th Congressional District. Soros has also donated to Hidalgo and Dallas counties and contributed to the liberal Texas Majority PAC.

Flores, who lost to Gonzalez in 2022, expressed surprise at Soros’s substantial financial support in Texas. Democrats have long sought to turn the traditionally conservative state blue, facing challenges on issues like abortion and immigration. Flores sees Soros’s contributions as advantageous, motivating more people to join the fight and contribute to the Republican campaign.

For Flores, Texas voters in 2024 are particularly motivated by President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy and the border crisis. Some Democratic lawmakers, including Senator John Fetterman, have called on the president to address illegal immigration effectively. The GOP-led House Judiciary Committee released a report criticizing the Biden administration’s actions in dismantling interior immigration enforcement.

Flores emphasized the impact of the immigrant crisis on Texas voters, especially those living near the border, who prioritize border security. Recent polls in Texas reflect concerns about the border security issue heading into the 2024 elections. Soros’s involvement in supporting Democrats in the state follows his funding of nonprofit groups advocating for open borders, raising questions about potential violations of federal law.

Reflecting on her 2022 defeat, Flores pointed out the disappointment for the Republican Party, which anticipated a “red wave” that did not materialize. She attributed the loss to the Biden administration’s handling of border issues, emphasizing that voters in South Texas, particularly women living paycheck-to-paycheck, were upset and seeking better economic opportunities and safer communities.

In summary, Soros’s financial support for Texas Democrats indicates a strategic move by Democrats to counteract the GOP’s rising influence in the state. Flores believes this will mobilize Republicans and contribute to a robust campaign focused on addressing the concerns of Texas voters, particularly regarding the economy and border security.

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