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Van Jones Spills Shocking Truth About Biden on CNN!

CNN contributor Van Jones, who served in the Obama administration, offered candid advice to Joe Biden for the 2024 election: “Stay hidden.” Jones expressed the opinion that Biden lacks the ability to inspire confidence and is not an effective messenger for his own campaign. While acknowledging Biden’s role in the economy and wins for union members, Jones suggested that other voices, such as clean energy executives in red states, should take the forefront in promoting the benefits of the Biden economy.

Jones, after seemingly throwing Biden under the bus, attempted to balance his comments by praising Biden’s handling of the economy. Former Biden White House Communication Director Kate Bedingfield disagreed with Jones, asserting that Biden ran a disciplined campaign in 2019 and 2020. She defended Biden’s approach during the pandemic, emphasizing that his handling of the crisis was reassuring to the public and a significant factor in his election.

Scott Jennings, a former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, appeared to align with Jones but highlighted the challenge for Biden in running a basement campaign in 2024. Jennings acknowledged that Biden was saved from the rigors of a long campaign previously, but with the upcoming election, there is no such escape.

Jones, in previous segments, expressed the belief that Biden is a liability for the Democrats, emphasizing that Republicans are not afraid of him. While Jones’ advice may be seen as critical, it reflects a perspective within the conversation that questions Biden’s ability to lead and resonate with voters, particularly in the face of a challenging campaign.

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