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Biden’s Sneaky Attack on American Energy Revealed

President Joe Biden is reportedly prolonging the decision on the Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2) proposal, a potential giant natural gas export terminal in Louisiana, marking an extension of his administration’s ongoing assault on American energy. The move, revealed through leaks to the New York Times, indicates the Biden administration’s scrutiny of LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminals, framing the delay as a response to concerns about climate change. This aligns with Biden’s broader green energy agenda that aims to phase out fossil fuels.

Since taking office, Biden has consistently utilized executive actions to advance his climate agenda, often bypassing Congress. The latest target is LNG export terminals, with the delay of the CP2 project cited as a strategic move before the presidential election, presumably to avoid controversy within his party. The $10 billion CP2 project, set to export 20 million tons of LNG annually, faces an extended evaluation process, potentially influencing similar projects.

Biden’s directive to the Energy Department to scrutinize the CP2 proposal in terms of climate change, economic impact, and national security has raised concerns among energy companies. If this review sets a precedent, it could pose challenges for an additional 16 proposed LNG terminals. Notably, the Department of Energy has never rejected a natural gas project due to environmental concerns, suggesting Biden’s move might signal an attempt to postpone approvals.

Venture Global, the entity behind the CP2 project, expressed displeasure with the leaked information about the review, reflecting broader dissatisfaction within the energy sector. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell criticized Biden’s “war on affordable domestic energy” and warned that the latest action could effectively ban new LNG permits, impacting American workers and consumers.

Louisiana Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy raised concerns about the broader implications of delaying LNG permitting. Cassidy emphasized the potential impact on allies and accused the Biden administration of deliberately postponing permitting for political reasons, invoking concerns about Russia’s energy strategy. Kennedy highlighted the economic and national security consequences, suggesting that Biden’s adherence to climate priorities could jeopardize American jobs and energy independence.

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