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Republicans Fight Back! Blocking Feds From Border Barrier Removal

Florida Senator Marco Rubio recently appeared on ‘FOX & Friends’ to address the escalating concerns surrounding President Biden’s handling of the border situation and the challenges contributing to the military’s recruitment crisis. The discussion touched upon the controversial Supreme Court ruling, where a narrow 5-4 decision allowed federal authorities to remove razor wire and other barriers from the U.S.-Mexico border.

In response to this ruling, Representative Mike Collins of Georgia introduced the “RAZOR” Act (Restricting Administration Zealots from Obliging Raiders), a legislative proposal aimed at prohibiting federal authorities, including Customs and Border Protection, from dismantling barriers erected by individual states. The move by Collins follows Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s deployment of the Texas National Guard to confront the surging influx of migrants and his ongoing dispute with the Biden administration.

Collins voiced his concerns, accusing President Biden of supporting illegal aliens and hindering Texas from enforcing measures to redirect them back to Mexico. In a statement, he emphasized the need for Congress to align with Governor Abbott in safeguarding the sovereignty of Texas and the nation against what he referred to as “America Last policies.”

President Biden’s directive to federal officers to remove razor wire installed by Texas to curb illegal crossings has intensified the confrontation between the state and federal authorities. Despite the Supreme Court ruling, Governor Abbott remains steadfast in his resistance, asserting that the federal government has failed in upholding its obligations to Texas by permitting an invasion of millions of illegal immigrants under the current administration.

In a detailed statement, Abbott underscored the constitutional duty of the Executive Branch to enforce federal laws, particularly immigration regulations. He accused President Biden of neglecting and violating these laws, emphasizing the foresight of the U.S. Constitution’s framers in ensuring that states are not left vulnerable to a lawless president who neglects external threats. The ongoing clash between Texas and the federal government reflects a broader conservative perspective critical of what they perceive as lax border enforcement and the erosion of state sovereignty.

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