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White House’s Secret Talks with DA Exposed on Trump Case

In a recent hearing, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office admitted to communicating with the Biden White House as it built its case to prosecute former President Donald Trump. This revelation came after initially refusing to provide information to the court. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who presided over the hearing, expressed openness to granting Trump “co-conspirator” Jeffrey B. Clark access to records that might unveil collusion between Fulton County prosecutors and the Biden White House.

Inside the courtroom, Harry MacDougald, an attorney for Jeff Clark, argued for obtaining correspondence between DA Fani Willis’ office, the Department of Justice, and President Joe Biden’s White House. Judge McAfee indicated that an in-camera review of these communications might be necessary to assess their relevance to the case. Fulton County prosecutor Alex Bernick acknowledged the existence of previously undisclosed written communications between the White House and the DA’s office related to logistical aspects of calling federal officials to testify.

MacDougald believes that unsealing all communications could reveal evidence of politically motivated selective prosecution and inappropriate coordination between the Biden White House and the prosecution of Trump, who is a political rival in the 2024 election. He emphasized the relevance of these communications to a selective prosecution or a due process defense. Clark’s legal team had previously requested relevant materials from DA Fani Willis’ office, but the request was denied. They argued that such information could be crucial to the case’s outcome or beneficial to the defense.

Beyond the alleged collusion with the Biden White House, there is evidence suggesting coordination between the Fulton County DA’s Office and the partisan January 6 Committee. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan revealed a letter from Willis to Rep. Bennie Thompson, dated Dec. 17, 2021, requesting access to congressional records. Willis offered to travel to Washington, D.C., to “meet with investigators in person.” Moreover, there are concerns about potential misuse of funds and inappropriate relationships within the DA’s office, including allegations of an affair between Willis and an attorney who received preferential treatment.

Willis has also faced criticism for refusing requests from House Republicans to disclose her and her team’s contacts with the partisan January 6 Committee. The unfolding developments raise questions about the integrity of the legal proceedings and potential political influence on the case against Trump.

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