Watch: Gov. DeSantis Releases Final Midterms Ad

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis released the final TV ad of his midterm campaign on Tuesday, shared first by his wife Casey on Twitter. “We love our country, respect our flag, and proudly embrace our nation’s founding principles,” Florida’s First Lady tweeted. “We will continue to be the bastion of freedom for America. Keep Florida Free!”

The ad – being aired by the Republican Party of Florida – is a departure from the barrage of final stretch campaign ads hitting most Americans in the final week of the midterm election cycle. It begins with a calm piano rendition of “America the Beautiful” as clips of the DeSantis family, Floridians, and the Republican’s campaign stops flash on screen.

Florida’s sunny coastline, a teacher in a classroom, law enforcement officers, and a clip of DeSantis shaking hands with passers-by in a car round out the beginning of the optimistic ad touching on some of the governor’s achievements in conservation of resources, protecting students, funding police departments, and more. Read more…

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