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Watch: Hunter Biden Rescues Struggling Dad in Interview

One understands that, in the later years of life, the roles of parent and child are often reversed. Age takes a toll. The mother or father who was once the authority figure loses certain capabilities and the son or daughter now becomes the responsible adult.

This is in no way unusual. In fact, one would wager that, in thousands of ways both small and large across the city of Dublin, Ireland, on Wednesday, a responsible child had to step in to help out a cognitively or physically receding parent.

What made one particular instance of this role reversal both unusual and distressing is that 1) the father in question is supposed to be the leader of the free world and 2) the “responsible” son involved was one Hunter Biden.

Hunter was taken along by President Joe Biden on his trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland this week, a move that raised eyebrows. It’s a little like if Buckingham Palace had given Prince Andrew significant speaking time during his mother’s funeral. Read more…

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