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Watch: This is Why We Have Stand-Your-Ground Laws

An Ohio man will not face criminal charges, even after he fatally shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend who had broken into their home.

On July 31 at approximately 11 a.m. local time, James Rayl stood on the front porch of his ex-girlfriend’s house in Sidney, Ohio, about 40 minutes north of Dayton. Rayl rang the doorbell repeatedly, briefly left the porch, returned, and then began attempting to break through the door with his shoulder.

Meanwhile, the homeowner Mitchell Duckro stood on the other side of the door and asked Rayl to leave his property. He also warned the young man that he was armed. When Rayl finally managed to breach the deadbolt lock, Duckro fired his gun and shot Rayl three times, once in each shoulder and once in the back. Rayl then staggered to the driveway and collapsed…

Shelby County Prosecutor Tim Sell showed the grand jury the front door camera footage, as well as the 911 call tape. The grand jury voted 8-1 not to indict, citing Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” and “castle doctrine,” which affirm the rights of homeowners to use lethal force against those who threaten their safety or property. Read more…

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