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Why Was Hunter Biden on Air Force One Last Week?

Hunter Biden could be facing an indictment of tax evasion, an investigation I’m shocked is still ongoing. Second, it’s a criminally understaffed probe, and the funding isn’t where it needs to be. Like the origins of the Russian collusion delusion, it’s been a long journey to sift through the alleged dirty deeds of the president’s crackhead son. Is the Biden family getting nervous? Who knows, but it is interesting that Joe took out a $250,000 loan in December when this investigation was ongoing, and the classified document scandal was about to engulf the White House.

Biden needs counsel with attorney-client privileges that the White House Counsel cannot afford. It’s murky at best on that front, so a private lawyer has been solicited in these matters. It’s been worth the fees as the Department of Justice is reportedly just taking their word regarding the chain of custody regarding retrieving sensitive materials from the multiple unsecured locations where Joe recklessly left them. Read more…

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