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Wray’s Shocking Deceit Uncovered: FBI’s Assault on Freedom Exposed

The recent revelations regarding the FBI’s threat assessment letter targeting what it labeled as “radical Shiite Catholics” and its recommendation to infiltrate Catholic churches has sparked further concern. It’s not just the Cincinnati office involved; now the Richmond, VA, as well as the Los Angeles and Portland, OR, offices are implicated. FBI Director Christopher Wray’s credibility is being called into question as more information surfaces.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Congressman Jim Jordan (R, Ohio) confronted Wray, pointing out that Wray’s previous testimony contradicted the extent of the FBI’s investigation into “radical traditional Catholics.” Wray’s insistence that the Richmond office was solely responsible for the assessment has been proven false, leading Jordan to seek an unredacted version of the letter and to question those who authored and approved it.

The letter, titled “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditionalist Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities,” exposed a problematic reliance on questionable sources like the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Atlantic, and Salon Magazine. This echoes past instances of a deep-state-media feedback loop, as seen in the allegations against Donald Trump.

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The concerning aspect of the FBI’s approach is its apparent disregard for constitutional rights, as evidenced by its efforts to “mitigate” forms of free thought that are protected under the First Amendment. Representative Jordan asserts that politics motivated the assessment, evident in its focus on contentious issues like border security, LGBT rights, affirmative action, and abortion.

The revelation that the FBI offices in Los Angeles and Portland were involved, and that Director Wray withheld this information from Congress, further underscores the need for transparency and accountability. The investigation targeted not only individuals praying outside abortion clinics but also those expressing traditional Catholic beliefs. This prompts serious concerns about the erosion of First Amendment rights in the name of political agendas.

The broader implications of the FBI’s actions touch upon political and religious freedoms. The Biden Administration’s approach, supported by elements within the intelligence community and big tech, appears to be taking a toll on the First Amendment. PJ Media’s struggles with social media censorship highlight the ongoing threat to free expression in the public sphere. As these developments unfold, it’s crucial for Americans to be vigilant and vocal in defense of their rights.

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